Lone Star Legacy - Historic Reenactment for the 1880's
About Us
     Lone Star Legacy is a western reenactment group that consists of individuals that are dedicated to keeping the old west alive,  We can provide western theme for any event.  Gunfighters, lawmen. outlaws, townsfolk and saloon girls.  We are historians of the old west in days of the 1880's.  We provide our own props as well as period clothing.  We not only have gun fights but skits also.  If you are looking for some great entertainment look no further.  We do meet and greets, weddings (shotgun), parades, fund raisers and, corporate events as well as entertainment for county festivals.  Just give us a call for information and bookings Lonna Baker 940-393-6086.
Lone Star Legacy has a very strict code of conduct and go by the highest of standards for your safety.
If you desire please "LIKE" us on Facebook. In addition would you please let us know what brought you to our page. What did you like or what did you not like. Your feedback is very important to us and we appreciate it. Thank you "Bones"


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